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Christine is a nationally recognized author and speaker in Canada. She uses her valuable communication skills as a passionate advocate for better bone health around the world. She is relentless at educating others on the prevention and management of this potentially debilitating disease. She is on the Osteoporosis Canada Board of Directors, has won numerous awards and is often seen in the Canadian media delivering her message with the kind of conviction learned only through hard experience.

Men… Don’t Think Osteoporosis Can Affect You? Think again!

Osteoporosis is not just a woman’s disease. One in five men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis and 1/3 of all hip fractures worldwide occur in men.

October 20 was World Osteoporosis Day and marked the launch of “Real Men Build their Strength from Within,” a new year-long campaign to raise awareness for the impact of osteoporosis on men. With one in five men age 50 and older affected by osteoporosis, the data confirm that osteoporosis remains a vastly underestimated and neglected health issue, especially among men.

Join the effort and call on the men in your life to embrace better bone health. There are many actions that you can take to prevent and control osteoporosis. Take charge of your bone health today. Click on the link to learn the five steps to better bone health.

Also, are you a man over the age of 50 and living with osteoporosis or taking steps to make your bone health a priority? The International Osteoporosis Foundation wants to hear your story. Submit it to .


Are You At Risk

Crack! in 2001 Christine Thomas bent over to pick up her newborn daugher in her crib and fractured her spine in several places.

Months later, she would be diagnosed with osteoporosis.