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Christine is a nationally recognized author and speaker in Canada. She uses her valuable communication skills as a passionate advocate for better bone health around the world. She is relentless at educating others on the prevention and management of this potentially debilitating disease. She is on the Osteoporosis Canada Board of Directors, has won numerous awards and is often seen in the Canadian media delivering her message with the kind of conviction learned only through hard experience.

Christine Thomas

Feeling Regal!

I am thrilled to launch my new website!  Thank you Penny Warne!

Also, I am over the moon excited to post this  lovely note I received from her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall and President of the National Osteoporosis Society in the U.K., Camilla Parker Bowles!


Are you at risk for breaking a bone?

There are several risk factors that raise your chances for developing osteoporosis and breaking a bone –some can be changed and some cannot. And although some are uncontrollable, it helps to know what they are so you can take steps to bump up your bone mass!
Things you cannot change:

  • Being over age 50
  • Having a family history of osteoporosis
  • Being female
  • Menopause
  • Having a medical condition or being on a medication that impacts your bone health
  • Having a small,… Continue reading

Why Should I Bother Getting a BMD Test?

Fractures, that’s why! You want to get as much info on your bone health as you can to prevent broken bones.

The Bone Mineral Density is really the only test that can diagnose Osteoporosis. The lower your bone density, the weaker your bones and the greater your risk of breaking a bone. Knowing the strength of your bones can help your doctor recommend prevention steps and osteoporosis medication if needed, to prevent bone loss and broken bones.

The problem is… Continue reading

What the Heck is a BMD test?


A bone mineral density test (BMD) is a safe, painless and reliable test that uses special X-rays to measure how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone. Dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is the most accurate way to measure BMD. It uses two different X-ray beams to estimate bone density or thickness of your bones. The BMD at the hip and spine has been shown to be the best way of predicting the… Continue reading

Men… Don’t Think Osteoporosis Can Affect You? Think again!

Osteoporosis is not just a woman’s disease. One in five men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis and 1/3 of all hip fractures worldwide occur in men.

October 20 was World Osteoporosis Day and marked the launch of “Real Men Build their Strength from Within,” a new year-long campaign to raise awareness for the impact of osteoporosis on men. With one in five men age 50 and older affected by osteoporosis, the data confirm that osteoporosis… Continue reading

On Board to Build Better Bones

I am thrilled to say that I was nominated to be on the Osteoporosis Canada Board of Directors. I was energized by the sessions held recently in Regina, Saskatchewan to kick off our term. Thank you for hosting Regina Chapter! And yes Saskatchewan won over the Ottawa Red-Blacks the day I flew home! So stay tuned for breaking news about broken bones & lots of good tips to build better bones as I continue my journey on the board. As… Continue reading

Welcome Fall. No Thank You!

Let me explain. I embrace the Fall season but not the act of falling and its possible consequences! More than 250,000 Canadians report fall-related injuries yearly. And most fractures occur from a fall. A simple fall can cause a serious fracture of the wrist, spine, ankle or hip. If you avoid the fall, you reduce your risk of breaking a bone. One way to prevent tumbles is to improve your balance. Your bones and body benefit from better balance!

Good… Continue reading

Are You At Risk

Crack! in 2001 Christine Thomas bent over to pick up her newborn daugher in her crib and fractured her spine in several places.

Months later, she would be diagnosed with osteoporosis.