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Christine is a nationally recognized author and speaker in Canada. She uses her valuable communication skills as a passionate advocate for better bone health around the world. She is relentless at educating others on the prevention and management of this potentially debilitating disease. She is on the Osteoporosis Canada Board of Directors, has won numerous awards and is often seen in the Canadian media delivering her message with the kind of conviction learned only through hard experience.

Why Should I Bother Getting a BMD Test?

Fractures, that’s why! You want to get as much info on your bone health as you can to prevent broken bones.

The Bone Mineral Density is really the only test that can diagnose Osteoporosis. The lower your bone density, the weaker your bones and the greater your risk of breaking a bone. Knowing the strength of your bones can help your doctor recommend prevention steps and osteoporosis medication if needed, to prevent bone loss and broken bones.

The problem is that osteoporosis does not cause any symptoms, so people do not usually know they have the condition until they break a bone unexpectedly. That’s where bone density tests come in. Bone density tests measure how strong the bones are. Healthcare providers use these tests to both screen for and diagnose osteoporosis. The tests are important, because they can alert you to problems with your bones before you have a fracture. If it turns out that you have osteoporosis you can take steps to prevent fractures.

A bone density test can help you and your healthcare provider:

  • learn if you have weak bones or osteoporosis before you break a bone
  • predict your chance of breaking a bone in the future
  • see if your bone density is improving, getting worse or staying the same
  • find out how well an osteoporosis medicine is working

Although BMD is only one piece of the puzzle used to help assess your bone health, it is still considered one of the most important!






Are You At Risk

Crack! in 2001 Christine Thomas bent over to pick up her newborn daugher in her crib and fractured her spine in several places.

Months later, she would be diagnosed with osteoporosis.